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Partner Services

Check out these Integrity People Group partners

Meet our sister company.  At EBR, we create happy employees by helping job seekers find their dream job. 

Need help with a layoff or offboarding employees?  We provide services including resume creation, job search plans and interview preparation.  

Heard of 17hats? Their feature-packed platform saves me time and money and lets me focus on what I do best

Square allows business owners to sell anywhere, work more efficiently, manage inventory, communicate with customers, book appointments, course meals, order online, and so much more. (also known as BILL) helps you manage employee spending.

If you’re tired of endless automated attendants, voice mail trails to nowhere, and computer-generated artificial intelligence answers, Central Payroll might be the right company for you. 

Are you ready to improve your brand?  

When qualified prospects reach out to you. When qualified prospects welcome your call. When the value of your influence grows with your target audience. Consider this – It’s not important for YOU to know people; it’s far more important for people to KNOW YOU! People who want your input, your insights and your products or services. People who value… YOU!

Employer Branding


Make it easy for employees to tell your story, and then watch them build their brands and yours. People trust people, not brands.


For Talent Acquisition, Marketers & Leaders

who feel overwhelmed, stuck, and limited creating strategic content for your employer brand, careers website, social media channels, digital marketing campaigns, candidate communications and more...

Technology Services

Electric offers SMBs a single, simplified platform to confidently purchase, manage, and secure their IT fleet. With Electric, you can oversee your organization’s employee and business data, simplify onboarding and offboarding tasks, and push best-practice security policies across company devices.

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