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18 Tips For Holding Employees Accountable While Nurturing Positive Growth

Assume the best and ask for the employee's feedback. So many accountability discussions become combative because the employee is trying but needs help. Perspective is an important consideration. Shift the conversation by asking the employee what you can do to help them achieve their expectations. Employees who feel supported have more buy-in, creating the accountability leaders seek

How To Successfully Expand A Highly Specialized Solopreneurship

Start by creating standard operating procedures to maintain consistency in the work; then, instead of trying to duplicate yourself, find support in the areas you don’t enjoy and aren’t good at. What isn’t getting done? What isn’t getting done well? Find experts in those areas to help you grow.


17 Big Signs That It’s Time For A Solopreneur To Build A Support Team

If you are returning projects late or making mistakes, it is time to hire help. Deciding who to hire requires looking at what tasks are getting dropped and what you aren’t doing well as a solopreneur. Hire to fill your skills gaps first.

Baby Boomers Retiring? 20 Strategies To Help Companies Cope

Create a succession plan now. Target your best employees—even those at much lower levels—and start working with them. Provide the training and education they need to fill the gaps senior leaders will leave when they exit.

15 Essential Tips To Successfully Author A Book As A Busy Entrepreneur

Consistency is key. It is hard to find the time to write a book when you have multiple competing priorities. Schedule a small amount of time daily to work on it, and then commit yourself to it. Treat it with the same seriousness that you would a client appointment.

15 Effective Ways To Get Employees To Open Up During One-On-Ones

You should constantly communicate with your employees by offering praise when things go well and working through issues together without shame or blame. While not always comfortable, giving direct feedback is an important part of this. If employees always know where they stand, they will be more comfortable sharing with you.

16 Tips For Leaders Who Want To Author A Book While Running A Company

Set aside a little time daily to focus on writing—30 minutes to an hour. Staying consistent in the process is the key to completing it while maintaining a busy schedule. Lay out your topics and chapters before getting started. The book doesn’t have to be written in chronological order. Focus on whatever topic is top of mind that day.

15 Key Things To Do At Least One Year Before Leaving A Job To Start A Business

A well-written business plan is your roadmap to everything you need to create a successful business—from finding your first client to pricing them correctly and becoming profitable as soon as possible

15 Unconventional Topics For Interview Questions (And Why They Work)

I like to ask candidates, “What expectations do you have of your employer? What would you expect from me if you took this position?” It is a broad enough question that, once answered, can illuminate what is important to a candidate even if they aren’t clear on that answer. Do their values, needs and expectations align with your organization? I can train for skills, but I can’t train for fit.

Helpful Feedback Or Harmful Critique? 14 Elements Of Constructive Criticism

Anything that is not actionable should be considered harmful; it is just a negative statement. Use SMART feedback (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely) when identifying employee performance gaps. Catch performance issues as early as possible and give specific feedback on the changes you would like to see.

How To Decide Whether To Give Up On A Business Idea Or Persevere

When you’ve reached a crossroads with an idea you have for a business, market or product and are trying to decide whether to walk away from it or keep pushing, there are some key things to consider that will help you gain a clearer perspective.

Seven Steps To Overcoming Small Business Hiring Challenges

In the wake of the pandemic, hiring has become a top challenge for small business owners. This seems out of sync with higher-than-average unemployment rates, yet it continues to be an ongoing problem across industries and skill levels. It is easy to cite low wages as the reason so many businesses are struggling to find good talent, but raising wages hasn't helped many of these organizations. If not with money, then how do you find and retain good talent?

Nine Social Skills Every Business Leader Needs To Master

From listening well to managing their emotions and everything in between, there are some crucial social skills business leaders can work on if they want to improve their ability to lead effectively.

Communication is key in terms of both listening and speaking in a manner that best fits the audience. It is important to remember that every employee has something valuable to share. Consequently, learning the right way to communicate with each employee creates buy-in and ownership.

13 Signals For Recognizing When A Business Is Scaling Too Fast

Looking out for these indicators can help business owners recognize when their company is scaling too fast, along with ways to course-correct.

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